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Customers feedback is a growth factor. Drive your business forward by hearing your customers. We’ll guide you through IT-research and decision-making processes and help you develop new growth platforms

Video: thanks to TEC

How do you compare different software solutions? We’re here to help. Comparison charts analyze features and functions between several products and provide a comprehensive report of the strengths and weaknesses of each solution. This brief TEC-example video explains the value and benefits of using this reports in helping you select the right software for your company’s needs. Get started on your software selection project now or call Merlyn Consult and we will help you. We make a 360 degree scan of your company. Then we discuss with you the relevant processes. We then match the software available in the market to your processes.


We help you build your relationship with customers by analyzing the feedback and measuring the effectiveness of your IT-decisions. Take a look at how this simple approach might impact your business

Results You Can Expect

Happy Customers

We’ll help you develop a customer journey that identifies and prioritize steps and interactions that delight customers the most

Fast Growth

Happy customers and feedback analysis along with employee training will lead to the rapid growth of the audience and interactions


Based on the market analysis and the feedback we’ll help you find best investment directions to grow customer satisfaction

Sustainable Improvement

As you increase the flow of interaction and feedback from your clients, the growth of the audience becomes a sustainable process

Client Results

Intermodal Transport Management Suite

INTERMODAL TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SUITE What if you could simplify your today’s demand driven complex supply chain? Shippers, freight forwarders, transport companies, shipping agents, stevedores, shipowners, port authorities and governments think…
Intermodal Transport Management Suite

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