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Strength and weakness analysis

In case of a strength and weakness analysis we determine whether action is needed for a strategy of change. A SWOT analysis identifies the most important strengths and weaknesses of an organization or a product in a market, together with the most important opportunities and threats. Have you ever released a SWOT on your company?

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A SWOT analysis confronts external opportunities and threats with the internal strengths and weaknesses in the manner illustrated below.

SWOT Analysis

Where applied

person and every organization. It can therefore be about a large organization but also about a soft drink brand.

An example in the beverage industry

  • Chances of success, something can be done and we can do that: For example: tapping older people as a new target group for Cola.
  • Success is threatened: something can not happen, but we have a defense. For example: there are more and more soft drink brands, but we have strong variations of our product, such as cola with lime.
  • Let go of success: there are possibilities but have no answer. For example: there is a trend to only allow subsidized healthy drinks at schools and in vending machines.
  • Risk of failure: we are threatened and we can not defend. For example: Cola is out of fashion; one switches to energy drinks.

A SWOT analysis is often used to get a first rough picture of the strategic issues or critical success factors. Depending on the role that customers, suppliers and the like play in the specific organizational context, a more detailed analysis can take place per object.

Personalized approach

We are happy to work with you on the specific analysis methods suitable for your company and will go through this strength and weakness analysis process with you. We support you, from the development of a corporate philosophy, up to and including the introduction of a quality management system. Maximum support that you need in optimizing your business operations.

SWOT Analysis


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