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Quality Assurance

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Quality management is the branch of management that strives for the highest possible quality of a product, production process, service or organization. Quality management is not a defined area, but comes back in all parts of the management of a company. We guide your company with the introduction of a quality management system and the preparation of certification.


Merlyn is active in many industries. For example in Discrete Manufacturing, Semi Process Industries, Construction Projects, Offshore and Offshore, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), Wholesale, FMCG, Food and Retail.

Our specialists are well versed in these industries and alongside a large network is available to provide you with maximum services with the relevant industry knowledge.

Quality Assurance

The work

With the introduction of quality management systems from the ISO series, AZWV and HACCP, we guide you through the implementation of an IST Analysis on the existing processes and structures.

Quality Management

Process Suppport

We support you further with the process support on location, when creating your individual manuals, when creating workflows, checklists, etc., when creating a well-organized document management system and when carrying out internal audits including an audit report.