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The balance

We help you find the balance when redefining your goals, creating satisfied customers, realizing teamwork between your employees and making your organization agile. If you want to be successful in the market with a transparent corporate culture, involved management and motivated employees, we are the right partner for you.

Keep track

You are challenged every day to stay on course because the market is changing, technology is innovating and customers are getting more critical because of more transparency. In order to stay ahead of these trends, companies must create value for customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.

Based on knowledge and expertise in your market and company, we assist you with the necessary changes and take decisions together with you even if they are hurt.

Quality Assurance

It comes from you

The power of a change is much greater when it comes from you. That applies equally well to a team, a department or the entire organization. Merlyn change coaching does not tell you what needs to change, but cooperates with you in going through the processes in your company.

We do this by using your own vision as a continuous driver for change. We use methods and tools to support 'managers of change'.

Many facets

Change extends to many facets of your company. It can affect all business units and departments. Our experienced advisors listen first and take the lead quickly together with your management.

Often the following business units or departments are involved in change processes: Administrative Organization, Financial Affairs, Human Resource Management, ICT management, Internal Organization, Quality Management, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Production.

SWOT Analysis

Personalized approach

We offer you high-quality consultants and personal guidance. We know from our own management experience that it is advisable to test ideas and change and to have them supervised. Our experienced consultants listen first and quickly pick up the thread.

Software Selection

Change with a sustainable added value. That means for us that we will go the way together with you. We are often connected for a while. We support you to realize the jointly formulated business goals. We are only satisfied if you are enthusiastic about our performance.