Intermodal Transport Management Suite


What if you could simplify your today’s demand driven complex supply chain? Shippers, freight forwarders, transport companies, shipping agents, stevedores, shipowners, port authorities and governments think and talk about it daily on a national level and for their cross-border cooperation. Never afraid of new customers with modern Intermodal Transport Software. Please talk to us. It is free…


Collaboration is often a tragedy because not many companies are ready to work together in terms of IT-infrastructure. Many companies do not have the corresponding infrastructure. These facts make it difficult to communicate in the supply chain between parties without serious additional staff.

With a suitable intermodal transport management suite at a glance, you can easily collaborate in your supply chain. Changes in planning and scheduling can be communicated more easily, transparent and in real time. From ‘the idea to the execution’.



Ensuring accurate, timely order fulfilment is a major challenge in today’s demand-driven, complex supply chains. Knowing the exact status of your goods and being able to take immediate, cost-efficient actions in case of a fulfilment disruption is critical.

Suitable software for Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility helps you deliver ‘the perfect order’ with an easy to implement approach that starts from your current process execution and legacy systems.

The right product at the right place, at optimal costs… shortest lead times and with minimum stock.

  • What if you could reduce truck, barge and rail lead times and guarantee timely shipments to your customers?
  • What if you could speed up the loading processes and remove shipping errors with 100% accuracy.
  • What if you could provide customer service that will give you a competitive advantage?

We ensure you can with suitable modern Intermodal Supply Chain Software.




Our systems ensure that you can share planning and execution between partners in the chain. We need to do a quick scan between the parties about what information you want to handle, see and share. We suggest potential customers to do a FitGap analysis to find the critical success factors:

  • In internal organisation
  • In collaboration
  • In visibility
  • In connectivity
  • In planning and scheduling

Of course we need the right people involved, we prefer decision makers for quick problem solving and fixing challenging solutions to bring transparency and making the business predictable. With Star Connect we interface all your existing applications, even SAP. Our enterprise service bus (ESB on Talend) is a solid and mature solution that fit all your connectivity needs. With Yellow Team we help your IT staff with change management and IT projects. IT ‘help desk and support’ according all your wishes and needs.



Nothing feels as good as being in control of the things around you. Yellowstar Star Suite creates an overview, gives you insights and controls the continuous flow of data in your organization – Star Flow. Oracle Application Express (Apex) web technology transforms the information into insights – Star Insight. Workload into job satisfaction. Average into superb. Being customer friendly into being supply chain friendly. Actually, it’s the difference between day and night, which for any solution, will definitely lead to the Yellow Smile.

Author is Harry Luijk – Logistics & Supply Chain Professional and Partner at Merlyn Consult (This article is written during an assignment at client Yellowstar Solutions B.V.).

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