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Senior Executive in General Management for high-tech companies

  • Innovative leadership of teams;
  • Great experience in go-to-market: Marketing and Sales Management;
  • Dedicated networker and door-opener;
  • Building distracting economies of scale;
  • Creating true SaaS success;
  • Ramping-up start-up businesses;
  • Corporate environment experience;
  • Great communication skills;
  • Highly motivated and result focused;
  • Geographic experience and strong intercultural skills;
  • Languages: Dutch, English and German;
  • Solution selling, Target Account Selling and Sandler Selling;
  • Experienced in international Channel and Partner Management;
  • Top skills in: Cloud SaaS/PaaS, MES/OEE, ERP/CRM, PLM, APS, SCM/OMS/GTM, WMS/TMS/DMS, FIN/BI;
  • Developing, marketing and selling of distracting products and solutions;
  • Good knowledge of Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation and SEO
  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing, (Supply Chain) Logistics, Construction Projects and Retail;
  • Enterprise and SME.

Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail are exciting me, especially the world of Supply Chain Management (collaboration, visibility and control) increases my motivation to reach the goals set. I can operate easily on every level in an organization, from SME towards a multinational company.

Merlyn Consult

As founder, owner and partner of Merlyn Consult and Merlyn Recruitment B.V. I carried out several management consultancy and recruitment jobs. Merlyn is always looking for interesting business opportunities for her partners and is specialised in Business Process Advisory, IT Improvements [e.g. ERP and SCM], Change Management, M&A and Recruitment Services mainly in the branches Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail. Interim & Project Management is also one of the Merlyn Services. Welcome to our company. Call: +31 636020297

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