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Senior Business Development for high-tech companies

+ Leadership of teams; + Great experience in Go-to-Market: Sales and Sales Management; + Dedicated networker and door-opener; + Building distracting economies of scale; + Creating true SaaS success; + Ramping-up Start-up businesses; + Corporate environment experience; + Great communication skills; + Highly motivated and result focused; + Geographic experience and strong intercultural skills; + Languages: Dutch, English and German; + Solution Selling, Target Account Selling and Sandler Selling; + Experienced in international Channel and Partner Management; + Top skills in Cloud, SaaS, ERP, MES, CRM, SCM, PLM, OMS, WMS, TMS, DMS, APS, FIN, BI; + Developing, marketing and selling of distracting products and solutions; + Good knowledge of Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation and SEO; + Discreet and Process Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction Projects and Retail; + Enterprise and SME.

Manufacturing, Logistics, Wholesale and Multichannel Retail are exciting me, especially the world of Supply Chain Management (collaboration, visibility and control) increases my motivation to reach the goals set. I can operate easily on every level in an organization, from SME towards a multinational company.

Merlyn Consult

As owner and partner at Merlyn Consult and owner and recruiter at Merlyn Recruitment B.V. I carried out several management consultancy and recruitment jobs. Merlyn is always looking for interesting business opportunities for her partners and is specialised in Business Process Advisory, IT Improvements [e.g. ERP and SCM], Change Management, M&A and Recruitment Services mainly in the branches Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail. Interim & Project Management is also one of the Merlyn Services. Welcome to our company. Call: +31 636020297

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